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Woo-hoo Dunnit? is the twenty-second episode of Season 30.


When Lisa's college fund goes missing, the documentary crime series "Deadline Springfield" goes in-depth to solve the case.


On an episode of "Dateline: Springfield" a documentary series on crime, interviews the Simpson family after Marge and Lisa return home and discover that Lisa's college fund of $ 670.42 is missing, hidden in a can of kitchen cleaner under the sink. The police are called and Chief Wiggum and Lou investigate, but when the narrator says the suspicion turned to the Simpson family, Marge gets angry at the accusations, and insists that whoever stole the money left a drink at the table without a cup holder, leaving a ring on the table, which she emphasizes that everyone leaves with their drinks.

A call to the police made by Helen Lovejoy takes Marge to the top of the list of suspects, accusing her of using the money for her gambling problem, although surveillance cameras show that, although she went to the casino, she resisted temptation and road. outside. The next person on the list of suspects is Homer, because his file on Moe was cut. Police speculate that when Homer got drunk, he tripped over his house, he fell and ate some spaghetti scraps, and then stumbling over the money in the cleaner cup, he used the cleaner to clean the kitchen and used the money to pay account. With the deception of granting admission to a Super Bowl observation party in exchange for a pair of pants, the cops retrieve Homer's pants, but find no evidence of money in them. "Dateline: Springfield" looks at Mr. Burns next, but with him being a billionaire, $ 600 would have been nothing. Moe then directly accuses Homer, but police discover that Homer has an alibi: he had made a six-hour call that night to Disco Stu by mistake; and he had cleaned the kitchen without the cleaner licking it in the process.

The next suspect is Bart, whom Milhouse accuses of buying green slime with the money. Bart knew about the money under the sink, but he always returned what he borrowed. He is then seen as the intellectual author behind the production of green slime (at Breaking Bad), at Springield Elementary School. But when the market price fell, he sold his remaining inventory of the green slime to Jeffrey Albertson and put the money back in the can, filming this in case the police didn't believe it.

The last suspect in the family is Lisa, whom Martin accuses because she wanted a new saxophone. They go to the King Toot music store and he shows a tape of Lisa trying out a new baritone saxophone, for more than 14 hours, but she didn't buy it, as Krusty bought it before she had the chance. Lisa's alibi is that Marge took her to a hopscotch tutor, much to Lisa's shame. With all the suspects missing, Homer and Marge kick "Dateline: Springfield" and force the crew to apologize for their inconvenience, leaving the mystery unsolved.

Marge and Homer are seen watching the documentary, and Marge places a cup holder that he invented under Homer's drink. When he casually mentions that he wants to start a business with the cup holders, which costs $ 0.65 each, Homer realizes that Marge was to blame, stealing the money to invest in the business and denying it all the time. Homer calls the children down, preparing to tell them the truth, but when Marge compares Homer's visits to Moe's tavern with the adventures of life and admits that he wants something similar for his business, he changes his mind, covers Marge and lies to the children, saying that the rats ate the money because the grandfather leaves the cabinet open, and then goes to the beach and enjoys a walk with Marge.

Meanwhile, in the study, the narrator loses his voice after discussing the unresolved end of the program and receives a vocal cord transplant from a sheep.


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