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Wake up everybody! It's World War III!
Homer Simpson

World War III is the 16th Simpsons short and originally aired on The Tracey Ullman Show on November 22, 1987.


Homer wakes up everyone in the house while everyone else is asleep. He tells them that it's World War III and that the bombs are dropping. Everyone frantically makes it into the bomb shelter in 1.4 seconds. Homer says they would be dead meat if it were a real war. His family starts shivering because they're cold. Homer wakes up his family another time once they're sleeping, and says he means it. The rest of the family is annoyed and go slowly down to the fallout shelter. Homer says that once again, they're timing is off, to which they are angry. Homer wakes up his family a third time, and this time he says it's the end of the world. They quickly go into the fallout shelter, and Homer tells them to go back into bed. Bart asks if they beat the clock, and Homer says they were close and that the next drill is in 3 hours. Bart decides to wake Homer up with a cow. He says that it's World War III and that this is not a test. Homer frantically rushes into the fallout shelter where Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie trap him in. While Homer rushes in there, Marge quickly closes the door, Lisa holds it shut and Maggie puts a lock on it. Marge says that they'll let Homer out in the morning.



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