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Dr. Hibbert: "Young man, you've had what we call a cardiac episode!"
Comic Book Guy: "Worst episode ever."

"Worst Episode Ever" is the eleventh episode of Season 12.


When Comic Book Guy has a stress attack, Homer helps him find new friends. Meanwhile, Bart and Milhouse run his store while he is recovering.

Full Story

Marge makes pancakes for the family breakfast, but when Lisa goes to get the syrup, she notices a very old box of odor absorbing baking soda at the back of the fridge. Homer makes a bet with Bart that he can eat the whole box for $50, and after one bite, Homer has an "antacid trip" and is unable to finish. Bart takes his newly won $50 and goes on a spending spree with Milhouse.


After spending $40, Bart and Milhouse go to The Android's Dungeon to buy a new edition of Radioactive Man, but don't have enough money. Meanwhile, Martin's mother shows up with a box of her son's items to sell to Comic Book Guy, but unbeknownst to her, the old box of "junk" is actually her son's extremely rare Star Wars memorabilia. He offers her 5 dollars for the box, but Bart and Milhouse intervene and convince her not to sell it to him. Consequently, Comic Book Guy bans the two from the store for life.

Lisa and Marge see a notice in the paper that a show by Tom Savini will be performed at the Android's Dungeon. Bart and Milhouse try to sneak in by carrying Homer on their shoulder under a trench coat under the guise of Shaquille O'Neal. However, Comic Book Guy had previously been tipped off to the plan by Homer for a bribe, and they are prevented from entering the show, but lets Homer in to see.


During the show, Tom Savini plays several pranks on Comic Book Guy, humiliating him. Just before he declares everyone is banned from his store, he collapses, and Savini declares he's had a heart attack. At the hospital after the ordeal, Dr. Hibbert tells Comic Book Guy to avoid stress and stop running the store for a while, or have a friend do it for him. However, he has no real friends. Bart and Milhouse had called 911 when he had his heart attack, so to make it up to them, he allows them to manage the store during his absence. Their management of the store goes well (with Bart ordering Milhouse around) until, in an attempt to impress Lisa, Milhouse makes a bold management decision to buy 2000 copies of a comic called "Biclops", a comic sold by Plan 9 Comics and published by Lens Crafters about a glasses-wearing superhero.

Meanwhile, Comic Book Guy has been searching for human companionship. After being called a manatee at Moe's Tavern, he returns by first insulting Duff and then air conditioners, upsetting everyone and getting himself ejected from the bar. On his way to a group therapy session, he bumps into Agnes Skinner. They exchange insults, and end up falling in love and beginning a torrid relationship.


Milhouse's purchase decision, of course, proves to be poor as the comic is very unpopular to potential customers, but he had spent all the money on "Biclops". Bart and Milhouse start fighting over their predicament and accidentally stumble upon CBG's secret (and illegal) video stash. In order to recoup their losses, Milhouse hatches a plan to sell tickets to a midnight showing of the videos in there ( one of which includes CCTV footage of various actions by the townspeople and a stolen video tape of Ned Flanders revealing that Homer released a radioactive ape into his house). However, during a showing, they are busted by Chief Wiggum. However, he nevertheless lets the children off the hook after learning they were showing the videos without the owner's permission, although he makes clear that's only because he intended to have the owner himself arrested for having the stash in the first place.

Meanwhile, Comic Book Guy and Agnes make out on top of Agnes's bed, about to have sex, when the cops burst him and have him arrested. At the scene of him and Agnes, Eddie retches and Chief Wiggum offers to reduce the sentence if Comic Book Guy puts some pants on. The police lead him away as he bids farewell to Agnes.

The episode finishes with Bart and Milhouse leaving the store, which is now an evidence scene, and claiming everything is "back to normal". However, the ape seems to still be living with Ned.

Behind the Laughter


The episode was written by Larry Doyle (his last Simpsons credit) and directed by Matthew Nastuk. The picture of Matt Groening on the list of people banned from The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop is sometimes credited as George Lucas. There was an in-joke on the title of newspaper Lisa reads with the staff trying to figure out how to set up the dinner-scene and decided to add a newspaper called "The Daily Set-Up". The joke where Ralph says everyone is hugging was originally supposed to be "she's hungry", but was changed as it was thought to be too inappropriate. The scene where Ralph goes in the adult section is Hank Azaria's favorite joke from the episode.


Despite its title, the episode was named a "classic" by several critics, who reviewed it. Matt Groening called it "a very special story" and was ranked #12 in the Top 20 Best Episodes List which was listed by AOL. Hank Azaria won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for voicing Comic Book Guy.


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