The Yakuza

They'll kill ya five times before ya hit the ground!
Agnes Skinner on the Yakuza[src]

The Yakuza, a.k.a. The Poison Fists of the Pacific Rim is the Japanese Mafia. They were hired by the Springfield Investorettes to take on the Springfield Mafia and ended up in a massive fight between the two on the front lawn of the Simpsons' house. One of the members in the fight was also quiet, which Homer (correctly) deduced meant that he was extremely skilled with fighting (although he was unable to witness his taking down multiple Mafia men due to Marge forcing Homer inside). The same quiet member eventually ended up shoved through the kitchen window during the fight and then left through the front door to return to the battle, although not before politely apologizing and requesting that the Simpson family forgive him.


  • Agnes Skinner claimed they would kill their target five times before the target even hits the ground.


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