The Kid is All Right
Yellow Subterfuge
White Christmas Blues
Principal Skinner: I hold the red pen! [Skinner...!] Pranks, inside use of outside voice, off color whistling and you're stricken from the list. and when you're crossed off you stay crossed off. That's what pens do.
Bart: [gulps, as he controls his remote control plane holding a bee hive out of the gym and back to the tree where it originally was]

[Bart is on the pier, disappointed as he stares at the sunset. Homer arrives and dumps his Pig Gulp drink towards the trash can, but misses]
Homer: Hello boy. At times like this there's not much you can say. Especially if you don't know what happened.
Bart: [sobs] Skinner didn't let me go!
Homer: Really? Hey. I bet that submarine isn't so fun anyway.
Bart: [sniffs] You think so?
[skip over to inside the submarine]
Submarine captain: Fire the torpedo, Millhouse!
Millhouse: Aye aye! (presses the red torpedo button) Where did it go?
Submarine Captain: It was just imaginary. (the lighthouse blows up and falls down in the process)
Bart: I know a kid should never turn to his father for help, but I got screwed! Is there anything you can do?
Homer: As I always say, don't get mad; get dinner. Then get even. With Skinner.
Bart: You'll really help me get revenge?
Homer: Yes. What's Skinner's weakness?
Bart: Everything.
Homer: Good. We can use that.

Marge: Sweetie, about the submarine. What's your favorite food to eat when you're disappointed? I'm going shopping tomorrow.
Bart: Ice-cream sandwiches, why?
Homer: What your mother is trying to say is, we don't think you can be good that long!
Bart: (shocked) Mom! Is that true?
Marge: Well, that's sort of what I was trying to say, but...
Homer: What your mother is trying to say is...
Bart: (interrupting) No! You're wrong! You're all wrong!
Lisa: I didn't say anything!
Bart: Were you thinking it?
Lisa: Yes.

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