Large Marge

You're a Bunch of Stuff is a song sung by the cast that subtly praises Marge's new inplants in the episode Large Marge. The music was written by Alf Clausen and the lyrics by Ian Maxtone-Graham. It is the eleventh track on the album The Simpsons: Testify.



Luigi Risotto:
For you, pretty lady, I make-a da fresh-a pasta, instead of da crappa from a can I give-a to ev'rybody else-ih. And Marge, if your mouth-a get tired, Angelo here will chew for you.
Yeah, I like-a to chew.
Thank you, fellas.
Mom, doesn't it bother you that they're giving you all this attention just because of...those?
That's not true, Lisa, there are a lot of complicated issues here that can only be explained through song.

The Song:

You took a twenty-karat diamond
And made it gleam
Like a big spaghetti dinner
Smothered in whipped cream.
Comic Book Guy:
You're like X-Men number three
In a mylar bag.
Snake Jailbird:
You're a brand new muscle car
And all the wheels are mag.
Mr. Burns:
You make me feel as young
As the blood I get from sheep.
Sea Captain:
Yer like Jacqueline Bisset
In me fav'rite film...The Deep.
Moe Szyslak:
You're sexy and exotic
Like a hooker from Belize.
Dr. Hibbert:
Or a patient with insurance
Who's crawling with disease.
You're a sundae underneath
Two great big cherries.
Keep in mind they're only
Oh, we'd like to say that we are very very
Glad to see you.
Mayor Quimby:
And I decree you
The hottest thing to hit this city since the fire that killed eleven—
(everyone gasps)
—dangerous criminals!
And they're all mine!


Hmmm, Homer, how come you never sang a song like that to me before?
Oh, I was getting around to it.
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