You Could Do Worse is a song sung by Moe, Marge, Lenny, Carl, Barney and Homer in the "There's No Business Like Moe Business" segment of "Treehouse of Horror XX". The music was written by Alf Clausen and the lyrics by Daniel Chun.

You Could Do Worse


My taste for romance
Is kinda perverse.
You Could Do Worse 2
I can only make love
In the back of a hearse.
Plus I gotta be dressed
As a Civil War nurse.
And then when I'm finished,
I'll go through your purse.
But you could do worse.
I could do worse.
Lenny, Carl and Barney:
We're proof that you...
Moe and Marge:
You/I could do worse.
She couldn't possibly do worse!
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