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The War of Art
You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee

You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee is the sixteenth episode of Season 25. This marks the second Simpson episode to take place in Brazil.

Full Story[]

Superintendent Chalmers suggests holding a speech contest for the Springfield Elementary students on who their heroes are. Lisa looks at her speech report on Marie Curie and believes that she's a sure winner, but when Martin gets behind the podium to announce his heroine as Madame Curie, Lisa scurries off to cry in the hallway. When Bart finds Lisa, he advises that she does her speech on their father. Despite Lisa's doubt, she sets her speech up perfectly even to the amazement of Homer. After the speech, Lisa wins over the crowd. However, Chalmers declares that both Lisa and Martin have tied, so the scholarship will go back to the general fund. As Homer basks in the glory of heroism, it turns out that Homer's not the only one who noticed his heroism as the video of the speech went viral, and soon he is called to referee for the World Cup in Brazil.

When family arrives in Brazil, Homer immediately tends to his job. At the World Cup, he referees the teams without a hitch, and although he was called for this job because of his morals, corruption soon follows with attempted bribery. The Simpsons go out to get to eat at a local establishment. Homer heads out after a bite of only the meat off the skewers to get some fresh air. While out on his fresh air break, he is greeted by a gentleman dressed quite suavely. He opens a briefcase full of a large amount of cash and asks Homer if he is certain he can’t be swayed. Homer says he won't do it and that he has changed a lot in the last few days and leaves.

The man, however, is persistent. Homer continues to be an honest referee despite numerous bribery attempts. Back at the hotel, Homer is telling a bellhop to return some gifts that Homer had received. When Homer states how great he is doing as he is Lisa's hero Bart, who is fed up with Homer's boasting, finally tells him the truth about Lisa’s speech: she never intended to write about Homer, she only changed it because someone else took her real hero Madame Curie. Devastated and in despair, Homer chooses to start accepting bribes from the same man that has been following him the entire time. They start formulating a plan to “fix” the World Cup.

During the Germany vs. Brazil championship game, Homer is still torn on whether to fix the game. Lisa is listening in and begs Homer to not do it, but a disappointed Homer won't listen and tells Lisa that he knows that he is not a hero to her and that she really hurt him by using him as a backup. Lisa apologizes to him but tells him that even though he wasn't her original idol the speech made him a better person nonetheless. Homer now understands the right thing to do: not fix the game, much to the displeasure of the Brazil gangsters.

The gangsters are just about to kill Homer when Marge comes running in. Speaking Portuguese, she tells the gangsters to leave Homer alone and to forgive him. The gangster is impressed, but is still going to kill Homer. The gangster's mother soon appears. She explains that when she was on the plane, Lisa traded seats with her so she could watch premium HBO. The family is soon released from the gangsters, and they explore Brazil together.


Because the show was almost sued by Brazil for their representation in Blame it on Lisa, the show runners were more careful on Brazil's representation. Critics praised the episode for being kinder to the country than the last episode, the only part that was disliked was the "bribe cam" scene.

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