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You Only Move Twice
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"Wow, my boss."
"Don't call me that word. I don't like things that elevate me about the other people. I'm just like you. Oh, sure, I come later in the day, I get paid a lot more and I take longer vacations, but I don't like the word "boss"."
Homer and Hank Scorpio

"You Only Move Twice" is the second episode of Season 8 (produced as a season seven episode).


The Simpsons are moving to a town called Cypress Creek after Homer is offered a position at a nuclear plant run by a benevolent man who's actually an evil genius bent on world domination. While Homer is blissfully unaware of his boss's actions and happily adjusting to his new job, Marge tries to compete with a house that cleans itself, Lisa becomes allergic to the wildlife, and Bart is put in a class for special ed. kids after his teacher discovers that Bart doesn't know how to read cursive or do long division.

Full Story[]

One sunny morning, Mr. Smithers is walking to work when a mysterious black car pulls up and a woman offers him a job. Smithers refuses, but later because of his time with the plant, Homer is approached by the same woman to which he accepts the job at Globex Corporation and the family agrees to move to Cypress Creek. Homer meets his new boss, Hank Scorpio and takes to him really well, and it soon becomes apparent that he has a do-nothing job completely suited to his skills. Unfortunately, the rest of the family isn't enjoying their new surroundings as they had originally hoped. Marge finds her new house requires a fraction of the maintenance of their old dump (everything cleans itself and the plants are watered for her), and is hopelessly bored, so she spends the day drinking wine. Bart gets put in the remedial class at school with some really messed up kids (mainly because he couldn't read cursive and hadn't learned fractions yet), and Lisa is allergic to all of the plants in the area.

Cypress Creek

Cypress Creek.

Back at the workplace, Homer is oblivious that his boss is in fact an evil genius bent on world domination. Homer however enjoys his work as it's the best job he has ever taken, and Hank Scorpio honestly shows an interest in Homer's hopes and dreams. However, the family tells him one night that they want to move back to Springfield as they have found one thing about their new lives that doesn't feel like home. Stuck with a difficult choice, Homer plans to visit Scorpio at his office. Homer arrives in the middle of an assault by government forces on Hank's fortress, similar to the James Bond film You Only Live Twice.

235px-Scorpio with Bont

Scorpio and Bont.

When Homer explains his dilemma to him, Hank advises Homer to do what he feels is best for his family, and Homer reluctantly decides to resign. He slowly walks out in the middle of a raging battle. When the Simpsons return to Springfield, a newspaper on their doorstep says that Hank Scorpio has seized the East Coast. Homer then picks up a letter saying that Hank Scorpio has given him a farewell gift. "It's not the Dallas Cowboys but it's a start." Homer had admitted that his lifelong dream was to own the Cowboys, and Scorpio gives him the Denver Broncos. Homer is vaguely disappointed as he watches the rather inept team practicing on the front lawn.


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