Zhenya is the beautiful Russian daughter of Slava, a piano player, and Bart's love interest in "The Fabulous Faker Boy". She is voiced by Jane Krakowski.


Marge was looking for a music teacher to teach Bart how to play an instrument and went to Zhenya's home on 12 Plympton St. after seeing a flyer. She seemed strange to Marge but Bart fell immediatelly in love with her. Her father Slava then agreed that Zhenya would teach Bart how to play the piano, as long as Marge would teach him how to drive.

Bart spent his lessons dreaming of him and Zhenya together while his piano skills do not improve, much to Zhenya's dismay. Zhenya said he was quick, but had sausage fingers, and if he could play she would love his hands. Bart then cheated at his recital by slipping a CD into the piano. Nobody knew, and as a result Zhenya got more students and soon became to busy for teaching Bart. After that she is not seen but it is assumed she has a dislike for Bart due to him cheating. At the night of the 10-And-Below Talent Show, Bart reveals to her and Marge that he faked the whole thing. Marge was enraged with him, however Slava showed up and defended him for cheating out of love.


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