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Zombies are reanimated walking corpses that are commonly featured throughout the Treehouse of Horror Series.

A group of zombies outside Springfield Cemetery

In Treehouse of Horror

Zombies first appeared in the Treehouse of Horror Halloween episodes in the Treehouse of Horror III short "Dial Z for Zombie". In a story told by Bart Simpson, Bart brings the dead back to life with a supernatural curse while trying to help Lisa resurrect Snowball I. The zombies travel across Springfield eating brains and turning many people into zombies. When the zombies break into the Simpson's house they attempt to eat Homer but consider him brainless. When Bart and Lisa think of a plan to reverse the spell the Simpsons head down to Springfield Elementary School where Homer kills various zombies. Eventually, Bart reads the spell and the zombies return to their graves.

In Treehouse of Horror IV, the couch gag involved the Simpsons family digging out of the floor of the living room as zombies. In the Treehouse of Horror XIII short "The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms", Billy the Kid and several other wild west outlaws rise from the dead and terrorize Springfield, which just outlawed the ownership of all firearms. When Billy and his cronies lay waste to the town Homer goes back in time with Frink's invention to re kill the zombies.

In the Treehouse of Horror XX short "Don't Have a Cow, Mankind", the citizens of Springfield get infected by eating burgers tainted with a virus that turns them into zombie-like creatures called "Munchers". Unlike previous predecessors, in this case the zombies were similar to those in the movie 28 Days Later (the Halloween short even contained the subheading "28 Days Later".) Bart was immune to the disease and could be the key to the cure, they try to sneak out of Springfield only to attract more zombies . After the "Munchers" destroy the house, a gun wielding Rainier Wolfcastle breaks down the door only to be killed. While the inhuman horde is distracted, the Simpsons are lead out by Apu (who wasn't infected as he is a vegetarian). After a drive through the city, Apu is killed. Homer was bitten but before Bart could kill him they make it to the safe zone. After a moment of confusion involving eating Bart, the zombie citizens are cured because all Bart was to do was take a bath in their soup.

In other Simpsons media

Video Games

The Simpsons: Hit and Run

In the final level of The Simpsons: Hit and Run. As part of Kang and Kodos's plan to bring up the ratings of their show "Foolish Earthlings", tainted Buzz Cola is poured into the waterways of Springfield, which seep into the graveyards of Springfield and wake up the dead. Throughout the last level they are seen walking around Springfield. Strangely, the Zombies do not attack Homer, but the radio describes them attacking Springfield Stadium. After Homer blows up the UFO, it is assumed that the zombies were killed or either went back to their graves. All zombie models look very similar to their ToH III appearances. The male zombie models (except the business suit zombie) also host the street races instead of Milhouse, Nelson and Ralph.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

You can unlock a few zombies as characters in Tapped Out. At the Halloween event you can get them.

The Simpsons Zombie Game

In the flash game called The Simpsons Zombie Game playable at, the players shoots a zombiefied Ned Flanders, George Washington, William Shakespeare, and an evil Krusty doll. The doll will give you some spare bullets if shot. The game ends when no bullets remain. Several unnamed zombies also appear.



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