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Put it in "H"!
―to Homer in Crazy Vaclav's parking lot
Take her for a test drive and you'll agree: Zagrevev min zlotny diev!
―trying to sell Homer on a foreign car

Zutroy is an illegal immigrant who worked at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and temporarily replaced Charlie as danger emissions supervisor. The character is thought to be inspired from Mike Finch as both Zutroy and Mike Finch have a tattoo of a gear on their shoulder. He also worked as a car salesman at Crazy Vaclav's Place of Automobiles.


Burns attempted to pay Zutroy with a shiny penny as a reward for working hard each day, but Burns' scam is ended when immigration agents storm the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and deport Zutroy to his native country. Although it appears Zutroy can handle Charlie's old job, he is arrested because he never went through the process to become an American. Burns is presumably fined or faces some adverse action for attempting to hire an illegal immigrant. He once tried to sell Homer a car.

When Mr. Burns selected the pairs of employees battling for the run on the mountain, he is mentioned as a participant but does not appear in person.